Alexander Technique Lessons with Claudia WaldPrivate lessons are either 30 or 45 minutes long. First lessons run a bit longer.

During lessons, with gentle use of my hands, together we explore how you can learn to do simple daily activities such as sitting, standing, walking, lifting objects and negotiating stairs, with more ease and freedom.

As part of the lesson you rest on a table in order to let your body be supported, while I help you, with gentle hands, let go of muscle tension throughout the system. We also work with breathing and speaking.

Alexander Technique lessons with Claudia Wald

Alexander is not a quick fix. It is as though the student is learning to play an instrument, but the instrument is the body.

Because we are in the process of changing habits, three to six months of lessons will give you the tools you need to change harmful habits that cause stress and fatigue into healthy, easeful ways of moving through everyday activities.

Alexander Technique Lessons with Claudia Wald
Lessons take place at Claudia’s home studio in the Bronxville/Yonkers area of lower Westchester county.  Please contact for further information about remote lessons

It is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing. Jeans do not work well.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Claudia at 914-589-3352 or