For two years I took Alexander Technique sessions with Claudia Wald. They alleviated pain and helped me to move more efficiently. I felt as if my nervous system was being rewired and left sessions feeling better. Alexander Technique is an amazing system and Claudia is a wonderful and patient teacher with a great sense of humor.

—MJ, artist and art history professor

I am grateful to have found Claudia Wald to teach me the Alexander Technique! Claudia has a keen understanding of the method and perhaps, more importantly, she knows how to impart her knowledge to the student. Claudia has both enthusiasm and patience and it is very pleasant to spend time with her.

Claudia will teach you how to ‘undo’, which is a cornerstone of the Alexander Technique. What else can I say? So far, I have reclaimed a 1/2 inch in height, effortlessly.

—Karen R.

I took introductory classes in the Alexander Technique with Claudia Wald because my wife, Elizabeth, insisted that it would be good for what ails me, bad posture and related lower back pain. My posture was never good, but years of peering at computer screens together with deteriorating vision had pulled me forward and down on what seemed a permanent basis.

Claudia and the Alexander Technique have improved my awareness of my body at rest and in motion. On a daily basis, this awareness has banished the lower back spasms and pains which for many years followed everyday activities for me. I sit taller with greater ease. My breathing is fuller and more restful. I have improved flexibility and use of vision, especially while driving. Standing and waiting in line has become a meditation rather than an irritation. I have a relocated and better center of balance when I walk, especially on rough and uneven surfaces and stairs. I look forward to further improvements to voice, breath, and energy. I have found larger dimensions in my body, mind and spirit.

Claudia guides me through the Alexander Technique with perception and persistence. Claudia gently leads one into release and discovery by matching your progress (and resistances) with her knowledge and her own experiences. Claudia searches for and finds the right words and activities to ease those resistances. Claudia shares her own discoveries in the practice of the Alexander Technique with a sharp insight and joy.

I heartily recommend Claudia Wald and the Alexander Technique to everyone as a path to a fuller and more mindful awareness of one’s body and self.

—Tim, retired School Administrator